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Karen Tei Yamashita
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tuesday: Chapters 12 through 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Buzzworm hand out business cards on the street?
(a) He doesn't hand out business cards; he collects them.
(b) He is trying to meet his future wife.
(c) He considers it to be part of his job.
(d) He is paid by a lawyer to do it.

2. In Chapter 9, why is Gabriel having a difficult time following Buzzworm's lead on the news story about the homeless man?
(a) Because of the homeless man refusing to speak.
(b) Because Buzzworm lied about the lead.
(c) Because his car broke down.
(d) Because of a major accident on the highway.

3. How does Buzzworm describe Los Angeles when he looks at a map of the city in Chapter 13?
(a) As being divided into territories.
(b) As being a mesh of conflicting lines.
(c) As being too large of a city.
(d) As being a beautiful plan gone wrong.

4. Why can't Rodriguez apologize to Rafaela in Chapter 10 as he works on the property?
(a) Because Rafaela refuses to listen to him.
(b) Because Rafaela leaves before he can speak to her.
(c) Because he is too nervous.
(d) Because Rafaela can't understand him.

5. In Chapter 2, what does Rafaela want Bobby to do before she returns home?
(a) Find a new job.
(b) Register to vote.
(c) Give up smoking.
(d) Buy a new house.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bobby recounts how he met Rafaela in Chapter 12, why does he say he visited her every weekend after meeting her?

2. In Chapter 10, what upsets Rodriguez about the eggs?

3. What does Gabriel write for a living?

4. Why does Gabriel say he bought the property near Mazatlan, Mexico?

5. In Chapter 9, what does Gabriel say has been wrong for a few days?

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