Tropic of Orange: A Novel Fun Activities

Karen Tei Yamashita
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Create a map of the areas used as settings in this novel. Draw arrows and other markers to show the movement of characters and where major events take place.

One Act Play

Turn 1-2 chapters of "Tropic of Orange" into a play.

Time Line

Make a time line that spans the entire length of the novel and place each major characters personal plot line along your time line. Be sure to include where stories intersect.

New Cover

Design a new cover for this novel. Write a short explanation as to why your cover is more appropriate.


Make a ten song list that could serve as a sound track to this novel. Explain why each song fits.

Final Chapter

Write a new final chapter to this novel. Either re-write the ending as it is, or write a chapter that follows the final one.

Gabriel's Work Review


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