Tropic of Orange: A Novel Character Descriptions

Karen Tei Yamashita
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Rafaela Cortez

This character moves to Mexico in order to take time away from her marriage and care for a friend's property.

Bobby Ngu

This character focuses his energy on working to support his family, even though it drives his wife away from him.


This character is a cynical news personality who is kinder than she lets people know.


This character claims he is a self-appointed social worker and devotes himself to helping the homeless population of Los Angeles.

Manzanar Murakami

This character used to be a doctor, but left his job and became homeless.

Gabriel Balboa

This character is an American journalist who also owns property in Mexico.


This character claims to be over 500 years old.


This character works as a laborer in Mexico.

Dona Maria

This character's son partakes in suspicious activity and as a result of this, her cooler is stolen...

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