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Short Answer Questions

1. After losing his job, what do Carl and Van Norden keep asking Henry?

2. What was Carl's problem with Irene?

3. What is the best thing Henry notes about Kruger, the painter and sculptor?

4. Why does Henry return to hustling meals and lodging?

5. What does Henry say is the worst writing job he undertook?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Henry is helped from Kruger's studio.

2. Describe the scene when Yvette comes in drunk and half naked to Jimmie's bar.

3. Does Henry see everything that flows in the same way it was seen by Milton?

4. What is it about Boris that Henry can never quite understand?

5. Why does Henry stop writing?

6. Where has Tania been and what does she want from Henry?

7. What is the unfortunate condition at the University during the winter?

8. What is Fillmore's reason for being so considerate of Henry?

9. What is it about Van Norden that puzzles Henry?

10. Describe the idea Henry and Carl get from Van Norden.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a paper about how the French surrealists influenced Miller's work. Use two or three of the surreal dreams or day dreams in the book to illustrate your point. How do some of those passages sound like an early encounter with the Twilight Zone.

Essay Topic 2

Using the young Hindu cleric and the escapade in the Eglise Ste.-Clotilde, write a paper expressing how you see Miller's opinion of religion. Do you notice any inconsistency in how Miller treats religion?

Essay Topic 3

Do some research on Hinduism and write a paper on how Henry may have only looked at the religion superficially. Contrast the Hinduism practiced by the young Hindu lecturer and Nanantatee with the Hinduism as practiced by Gandhi.

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