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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry want to see in the Pension Orfila?
(a) The room where Strindberg once lived
(b) The fabled murals by Picasso
(c) The lavatories with the gold fixtures
(d) The bust of Homer

2. How is Henry greeted by Macha when he first meets her?
(a) She comes to the door wearing only a filmy negligee.
(b) She refuses to recognize his presence.
(c) She looks at him imperiously and asks if he's the butler.
(d) She says, "So you're the writer."

3. How long does it take before Irene agrees to meet Carl in her hotel?
(a) Over a year
(b) Only a few weeks
(c) The end of the year
(d) About six months

4. What does Mona never understand about Henry?
(a) His need to write
(b) His philandering ways
(c) His attraction for Paris
(d) His gutter vocabulary

5. How does Henry make a little extra money while he is at Fillmore's place?
(a) Occasionally Carl comes by with a writing assignment he does not want to do himself.
(b) He does more nude modeling for Swift.
(c) He sells some of the pornographic pictures he posed for.
(d) He pawns things Fillmore would probably not miss.

Short Answer Questions

1. What historical information does the photographer give to Henry?

2. What happens to Peckover that may benefit Henry?

3. What happens in the place where Macha is known and has her hand kissed repeatedly?

4. After losing his job, what do Carl and Van Norden keep asking Henry?

5. Why does Van Norden insist that his teeth are all rotten?

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