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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What author does Henry discover that cheers him?
(a) Papini
(b) Goethe
(c) Immanuel Kant
(d) Benedetto Croce

2. What is the movie playing at the Cine Combat?
(a) Gone With the Wind
(b) Metropolis
(c) The Jazz Singer
(d) Notorious

3. What does Nanantatee's friend, Kelpi, do when Nanantatee is not at home?
(a) He looks for loose change in the sofa.
(b) He raids the cabinet for food.
(c) He sits on the front steps and waits for him.
(d) He tells Henry secrets about Nanantatee.

4. What deformity does Henry have in his fantasy at the cinema?
(a) He has a club foot.
(b) He has a crippled right hand.
(c) He has a glass eye.
(d) He is short like Moldorf.

5. How does Henry say he knows Nanantatee?
(a) Boris introduced them.
(b) They met on the ship coming from America.
(c) They met at the Dome.
(d) They met in New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ironic about Henry's getting money from Peckover?

2. With what person does Henry compare his writing?

3. What is Henry thinking about as he walks along the Champs-Elysee?

4. Who does Henry praise for putting her whole soul into her whoring?

5. How does Henry describe the poor people of Paris?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Henry go so often to the American Express office?

2. What are Henry's evenings with Carl like?

3. How does Henry see the cheap whores at the corner of Rue Amelot?

4. What does Henry say about his escape from Serge?

5. How did Nanantatee fool Henry and other people when he was in New York?

6. How does Henry describe Moldorf?

7. How does Henry use sarcasm in describing Nanantatee's lavish apartment?

8. How does Henry see the American women at the Cafe de la Paix or the Ritz Bar?

9. What is the scene at the beginning of the novel and how does it set up the condition Henry is in while in Paris?

10. What lie does Henry tell the Cronstadts when they invite him to join their meal?

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