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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the American woman inquire about that astonishes Henry?
(a) The heating system
(b) The furniture
(c) The toilet
(d) The view

2. In what way does Henry say Carl and Boris are sufferers?
(a) They are bewitched by words.
(b) They are mad and tone deaf.
(c) They are hungry and tired.
(d) They lack self-confidence.

3. How much money does Henry get from Peckover?
(a) Fifty centimes
(b) Fifty francs
(c) Ten francs
(d) One franc-fifty

4. Why does Henry say that no one ever dies in Paris?
(a) You can read the names of famous people written on walls.
(b) No one stays long enough to die.
(c) People in Paris only drink wine.
(d) Paris never forgets imbecils.

5. What is the title that Henry wishes he had thought of?
(a) The Red Shoes
(b) Man and Superman
(c) The Sun Also Rises
(d) A Man Cut in Slices

Short Answer Questions

1. What price is extracted from Henry for his meals at the Cronstadts?

2. Sleeping on a mattress in the hall, what is Henry's troubled dream?

3. What does Henry think about when he listens to Debussy?

4. What does Carl say makes him want to go to Arizona?

5. With what person does Henry compare his writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Henry describe the book on which he is working?

2. How does Henry define health that he equates with optimism?

3. How does Henry see the American women at the Cafe de la Paix or the Ritz Bar?

4. How does Henry describe the relationship between him, Boris, and Elsa?

5. What does Serge promise in lieu of a big Russian meal each day?

6. How does Henry see the cheap whores at the corner of Rue Amelot?

7. Why does Henry like eating with the Cronstadts the best?

8. How did Nanantatee fool Henry and other people when he was in New York?

9. How does Henry describe Moldorf?

10. How does Henry get away from Serge?

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