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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Henry's curious speculation about Mona?
(a) He wonders if she has gotten fat.
(b) He wonders why she does not send him more money.
(c) He wonders if they will ever be together again.
(d) He wonders if she ever thinks about him.

2. What are they looking for in the church when the priest stops them?
(a) The exit
(b) The statue of the Virgin
(c) The collection box
(d) The candles

3. What historical information does the photographer give to Henry?
(a) Personal information about great writers he has photographed
(b) The part France played in Columbus's expeditions
(c) The unwritten details of Marie Antoinette's beheading
(d) The history of the Jews during the Black Death

4. What is the best thing Henry notes about Kruger, the painter and sculptor?
(a) He is unbelievably wealthy.
(b) He has many contacts in the publishing world.
(c) He is also a great chef.
(d) He is a splendid housekeeper.

5. Why is Henry going to Dijon?
(a) He has accepted a non-paying job at the University.
(b) He wants to get out of Paris for a while.
(c) He was invited to visit Collins.
(d) He wants to get some fresh mustard.

6. Who is the spiritual minded person Henry meets through the photographer?
(a) The Dalai Lama
(b) Kruger
(c) Anise Nin
(d) Voltaire

7. What does the priest do with them?
(a) He sits them down and gives them a lecture.
(b) He holds them for the police.
(c) He throws them out into the cold.
(d) He gives them money to leave.

8. How long does it take before Irene agrees to meet Carl in her hotel?
(a) Over a year
(b) About six months
(c) The end of the year
(d) Only a few weeks

9. What weakness appears in Henry as he plans how to use the money given to him?
(a) He cannot pass up the French pastries at the bakery.
(b) He finds a budget place to live but shells out money to women.
(c) He buys new clothes and goes to the opera.
(d) He buys expensive liquour and invites Fillmore over.

10. Why could Henry never show Mona the Paris he loves?
(a) He cannot take her to the places like the Dome.
(b) Mona never stays long enough for him to do it.
(c) The Paris he loves is only in his mind.
(d) It can only be seen through loneliness and hunger.

11. What does Mona never understand about Henry?
(a) His need to write
(b) His attraction for Paris
(c) His philandering ways
(d) His gutter vocabulary

12. How does the blond woman react to Henry's offer of fifty francs?
(a) She accepts it with gratitude.
(b) She is insulted and Henry fears she might make a scene.
(c) She screams out that he is a miser.
(d) She laughs in his face and makes him ashamed.

13. What are the physical ailments of the people in Fillmore's apartment?
(a) Macha falls and breaks her arm, Fillmore cartches cold, and Henry has the measles.
(b) Fillmore has bronchitis, Macha has the clap, and Henry has piles.
(c) Macha give the clap to both Fillmore and Henry.
(d) They all come down with influenza.

14. Why does Van Norden not want to go to the Dome?
(a) He does not like the decor.
(b) He is tired of going to the Dome.
(c) He owes too much money there.
(d) He was there only last night.

15. What is Henry's assessment of Mark Swift?
(a) If not a genius, he is certainly eccentric.
(b) He keeps Henry in money for posing nude for him.
(c) He is madly in love with his artist wife.
(d) He is talentless but determined.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry realize the moment he gets off the train in Dijon?

2. What was Carl's problem with Irene?

3. What favor does Van Norden want Henry to do for him?

4. Why had Henry gone in to see a Rabbi?

5. Why is Henry writing letters to Irene?

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