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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Henry's response when the English girl asks for a loan of fifteen or twenty francs?
(a) He runs away from her.
(b) He laughs in her face.
(c) He gives her fifty francs.
(d) He insists that she go to bed with him.

2. Why does Van Norden insist that his teeth are all rotten?
(a) Because of the water in Paris
(b) Because his dentist is incompetent
(c) Because he lost his toothbrush
(d) Because of the bread in France

3. What effect does Henry think the homeless beggars have on society?
(a) They make us count our blessings.
(b) They make us bleed for five minutes, that is all.
(c) They frighten us in the dark.
(d) They make us change the world.

4. When Henry is alone with Tania, what does she do?
(a) She agrees to sleep with him.
(b) She chews his ear off about Russia.
(c) She lets Henry see her without makeup.
(d) She talks about divorcing Sylvester and marrying Carl.

5. What do Henry and Fillmore do when the priest chases them outside?
(a) They hide in a dark alley.
(b) They run as fast as their legs can carry them.
(c) They throw snowballs at the priest.
(d) They hop on a passing bus.

6. Who urges Henry to run away to Russia with Tania?
(a) Peckover
(b) Boris
(c) Nanantatee
(d) Carl

7. Describe the ridiculous method Fillmore has of getting women into his bedroom.
(a) He shows them his laundry bag with the slogan, No tickee, no washee.
(b) He shows them the view of the barracks.
(c) He wants them to see his etchings.
(d) He asks them to suggest how he should redecorate.

8. What does Henry say Van Norden tracks down like a sleuth?
(a) Rich women
(b) Virgins
(c) Cheap prostitutes
(d) Married women

9. What does Van Norden use to bribe Henry into helping him?
(a) His black book of names of girls who have sex for free
(b) The promise of a meal now and then
(c) A few hundred francs
(d) A place to write

10. How does the blond woman react to Henry's offer of fifty francs?
(a) She is insulted and Henry fears she might make a scene.
(b) She accepts it with gratitude.
(c) She laughs in his face and makes him ashamed.
(d) She screams out that he is a miser.

11. What city in America does Henry recall on the way to Dijon?
(a) Salt Lake city, Utah
(b) Los angeles, California
(c) Jacksonville, Florida
(d) Austin, Texas

12. Who gives Henry the money he has upon returning from Le Havre?
(a) Jimmie
(b) Collins
(c) Fillmore
(d) Boris

13. What is Henry's view of his world?
(a) It is dying of cancer.
(b) It is coming back to life.
(c) It is dying of cancer.
(d) It is getting smaller and smaller.

14. Why does Henry enjoy the company of the photographer?
(a) Because he enjoys posing for him
(b) Because he always has money
(c) Because he is less intelligent than Henry
(d) Because of his thorough knowledge of Paris

15. What does Macha do immediately when she sees that two men live at Fillmore's place?
(a) She sizes up which one has the money.
(b) She begins to try and play them against each other.
(c) She gets frightened and leaves.
(d) She informs them that she is not that kind of woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry do for a photographer?

2. Why is Fillmore so taken with Macha?

3. How do Fillmore and Henry deal with the cold flat?

4. What does the priest do with them?

5. What does Henry have to learn to do in his new job?

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