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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who used to call Henry a great human being?
(a) Collins
(b) Mona
(c) Boris
(d) Tania

2. How does the reader know how angry the priest is?
(a) He shouts surses at Henry and Fillmore.
(b) The veins pop out on his temples.
(c) He is jumping up and down just outside the door.
(d) He chases Henry and Fillmore outside, shaking his fist.

3. What is Henry's response when the English girl asks for a loan of fifteen or twenty francs?
(a) He runs away from her.
(b) He insists that she go to bed with him.
(c) He laughs in her face.
(d) He gives her fifty francs.

4. What was Carl's problem with Irene?
(a) Intimidation
(b) Vinereal diseast
(c) Impotence
(d) Stammering

5. How does Henry see what he calls the inhuman race of artists?
(a) As being stoned to death my the humans
(b) As being able to sieze the unobtainable.
(c) As divine angels of light
(d) As standing on high places and ripping out their entrails

6. Who does Henry think is the one lone literary figure America has produced?
(a) Poe
(b) Longfellow
(c) Hawthorne
(d) Whitman

7. What is the wild story Macha first tells Fillmore?
(a) That her family in Russia were in danger of being shot.
(b) That she had thrown herself in the Seine after her film career stalled.
(c) That the studio was refusing to release her film.
(d) That her lover had left her for another actress.

8. What does Van Norden use to bribe Henry into helping him?
(a) A few hundred francs
(b) The promise of a meal now and then
(c) His black book of names of girls who have sex for free
(d) A place to write

9. What kind of work is Henry doing that is not very creative?
(a) Making ad layouts
(b) Proofreading
(c) Writing jingles
(d) Book binding

10. What is the best thing Henry notes about Kruger, the painter and sculptor?
(a) He has many contacts in the publishing world.
(b) He is also a great chef.
(c) He is a splendid housekeeper.
(d) He is unbelievably wealthy.

11. What is Henry's opinion about the war games that take place at the barracks next to Fillmore's place?
(a) He thinks they are depressing and utterly ridiculous.
(b) He thinks that maybe he sould join the French Foriegn Legion.
(c) He thinks they are quite entertaining.
(d) He thinks that it makes him feel safe to be in France.

12. Who urges Henry to run away to Russia with Tania?
(a) Boris
(b) Nanantatee
(c) Carl
(d) Peckover

13. What are the physical ailments of the people in Fillmore's apartment?
(a) Fillmore has bronchitis, Macha has the clap, and Henry has piles.
(b) Macha give the clap to both Fillmore and Henry.
(c) Macha falls and breaks her arm, Fillmore cartches cold, and Henry has the measles.
(d) They all come down with influenza.

14. What is Henry's behavior just before he leaves the blonde woman's room?
(a) He gets very angry that she left him there alone.
(b) He takes his time putting his clothes back on.
(c) He becomes panicky thinking she has gone for the police.
(d) He listens for her return and takes back the money he gave her.

15. How does the blond woman react to Henry's offer of fifty francs?
(a) She laughs in his face and makes him ashamed.
(b) She accepts it with gratitude.
(c) She screams out that he is a miser.
(d) She is insulted and Henry fears she might make a scene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the spiritual minded person Henry meets through the photographer?

2. Where do Henry and Tania go that he has never been before?

3. What happens in the place where Macha is known and has her hand kissed repeatedly?

4. How long does it take before Irene agrees to meet Carl in her hotel?

5. What does Henry do after Fillmore leaves for work in the mornings?

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