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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is his idea about his book?
(a) To give it up because his ideas are too radical
(b) To present a resurrection of emotions
(c) To write only what the public wants to read
(d) To imitate the best sellers of his day

2. What does Macha do immediately when she sees that two men live at Fillmore's place?
(a) She gets frightened and leaves.
(b) She begins to try and play them against each other.
(c) She sizes up which one has the money.
(d) She informs them that she is not that kind of woman.

3. How much does Henry plan to spend on the blonde woman?
(a) He plans to spend over a hundred francs.
(b) He plans to get her to bed him for free.
(c) He plans to spend only fifty francs.
(d) He plans to offer to let her move in with him.

4. Who is the spiritual minded person Henry meets through the photographer?
(a) The Dalai Lama
(b) Kruger
(c) Anise Nin
(d) Voltaire

5. What effect does Henry think the homeless beggars have on society?
(a) They make us count our blessings.
(b) They frighten us in the dark.
(c) They make us change the world.
(d) They make us bleed for five minutes, that is all.

6. What is the story the blonde woman tells Henry through her tears?
(a) She says she has recently buried her child.
(b) She says she is about to be evicted from her rooms.
(c) She says she is being blackmailed.
(d) She says her daughter is in the hsopital.

7. How does the blond woman react to Henry's offer of fifty francs?
(a) She screams out that he is a miser.
(b) She accepts it with gratitude.
(c) She laughs in his face and makes him ashamed.
(d) She is insulted and Henry fears she might make a scene.

8. What is Van Norden's objection to French girls?
(a) They charge too much for their services.
(b) Either they want money or to get married.
(c) They act as though they are doing him a favor.
(d) They wear too much perfume.

9. What is Henry's opinion about the war games that take place at the barracks next to Fillmore's place?
(a) He thinks they are quite entertaining.
(b) He thinks that it makes him feel safe to be in France.
(c) He thinks that maybe he sould join the French Foriegn Legion.
(d) He thinks they are depressing and utterly ridiculous.

10. How long does it take before Irene agrees to meet Carl in her hotel?
(a) Over a year
(b) The end of the year
(c) Only a few weeks
(d) About six months

11. For whom does Henry do some ghost writing?
(a) A german he met through Elsa
(b) The owner of the Dome
(c) A Russian art dealer
(d) A Jewish fur merchant

12. What does Henry say is the worst writing job he undertook?
(a) Children's stories about a mouse
(b) Jingles for newspaper ads
(c) Instruction for assembling kitchen gadgets
(d) A thesis for a deaf and dumb psychologist

13. What does Henry say he knows about in the same way he knows about slaughterhouses and morgues?
(a) Writing
(b) The Catholic mass
(c) Women
(d) How to form lasting friendships

14. What does Henry have to tone down on his new job?
(a) His looking for free meals
(b) His vocabulary
(c) His style of dressing
(d) His singing

15. What does Henry see as the only faults of Swift's mistress and model?
(a) She demands too much of Mark.
(b) She has a great body but a hideously ugly face.
(c) She is a bad cook.
(d) She has lost her shape and her ability to support Mark anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Van Norden use to bribe Henry into helping him?

2. How does Henry make the decision to go to the blonde woman's apartment?

3. How do Henry and Fillmore become conspicuous in the church?

4. What weakness appears in Henry as he plans how to use the money given to him?

5. What city in America does Henry recall on the way to Dijon?

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