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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Carl come to the door when Henry returns from Dijon?
(a) He has a tremendous hangover.
(b) He is stark naked.
(c) He is wearing a dress.
(d) He was wrapped in a towel.

2. What does the young Hindu do that upsets the madame?
(a) He beats up a girl.
(b) He refuses to pay.
(c) He uses the bidet for a toilet.
(d) He smokes foul smelling Indian cigars.

3. Why could Henry never show Mona the Paris he loves?
(a) The Paris he loves is only in his mind.
(b) He cannot take her to the places like the Dome.
(c) Mona never stays long enough for him to do it.
(d) It can only be seen through loneliness and hunger.

4. What does Henry resist taking from the Cronstadt baby?
(a) A pacifier
(b) A glass of milk
(c) A chicken bone
(d) A Teddy bear

5. When the young girl's parents come to take her away, what saves Carl?
(a) He gives the parents a large sum of money.
(b) The girl's mother gets an immediate crush on Carl.
(c) He recognizes the father from the Dome.
(d) Her father is impressed that he was reading Faust and Shakespeare.

Short Answer Questions

1. What price is extracted from Henry for his meals at the Cronstadts?

2. What is Henry's response when the English girl asks for a loan of fifteen or twenty francs?

3. How does Henry say he knows Nanantatee?

4. What does Henry do after Fillmore leaves for work in the mornings?

5. What is Henry thinking about as he walks along the Champs-Elysee?

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