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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Henry always looking for a free meal?
(a) He is too miserly to buy for himself.
(b) He is perpetually hungry.
(c) He wants people to feel sorry for him.
(d) He is trying to cut down on his expenses.

2. What is Henry's opinion about the war games that take place at the barracks next to Fillmore's place?
(a) He thinks that it makes him feel safe to be in France.
(b) He thinks that maybe he sould join the French Foriegn Legion.
(c) He thinks they are quite entertaining.
(d) He thinks they are depressing and utterly ridiculous.

3. What is the movie playing at the Cine Combat?
(a) The Jazz Singer
(b) Notorious
(c) Metropolis
(d) Gone With the Wind

4. What is Henry's perception of Mr. Wren, the American artist and writer?
(a) He is a better writer than Henry.
(b) He has everything because he has a rich wife.
(c) He makes no sense when he talks.
(d) He is someone Henry wants to know better.

5. What does Henry see as the only faults of Swift's mistress and model?
(a) She is a bad cook.
(b) She has lost her shape and her ability to support Mark anymore.
(c) She has a great body but a hideously ugly face.
(d) She demands too much of Mark.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Serge want to learn?

2. What is Henry's behavior just before he leaves the blonde woman's room?

3. What kind of work is Henry doing that is not very creative?

4. What is Henry's response when the English girl asks for a loan of fifteen or twenty francs?

5. What woman is Henry obsessed with?

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