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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry have to tone down on his new job?
(a) His singing
(b) His looking for free meals
(c) His vocabulary
(d) His style of dressing

2. What does Van Norden use to bribe Henry into helping him?
(a) His black book of names of girls who have sex for free
(b) A place to write
(c) The promise of a meal now and then
(d) A few hundred francs

3. Why can Henry not go to the cinema or into the opium joint?
(a) He is short a few sous.
(b) He needs to save the money to buy breakfast.
(c) He can't afford to be seen there.
(d) He has been banned from both places.

4. What does the young Hindu do that upsets the madame?
(a) He refuses to pay.
(b) He beats up a girl.
(c) He uses the bidet for a toilet.
(d) He smokes foul smelling Indian cigars.

5. What is Henry's description of Marlowe?
(a) A broomstick wearing clothes
(b) Nothing but a skull perforated by two deep sockets
(c) A scarecrow in a cornfield
(d) The living epitome of Ickabod Crane

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry have to learn to do in his new job?

2. Where are the people from who are coming to view the Villa Borghese apartment?

3. What is the condition of the beds in the commune?

4. What lucky find does Henry make in the cafe?

5. Who does Henry believe is undermining him during the last days in Villa Borghese?

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