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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Boris and Henry planning to write THE LAST BOOK?
(a) Anonymously
(b) Each one writing every other chapter
(c) Dictating to a secretary
(d) In French and German

2. What is Henry's description of Marlowe?
(a) A scarecrow in a cornfield
(b) A broomstick wearing clothes
(c) The living epitome of Ickabod Crane
(d) Nothing but a skull perforated by two deep sockets

3. How does Henry describe the poor people of Paris?
(a) The proudest and filthiest lot of beggars on the earth
(b) Like bedbugs in a cheap hotel
(c) A ubiquitous bestilence on the landscape
(d) The stuff that penny operas are made of

4. In spite of his hunger, where does Henry hang out in the evenings?
(a) The stage door of the Folies-Bergere
(b) The Dome
(c) The opera
(d) The Rue du Pasteur-Wagner

5. What price is extracted from Henry for his meals at the Cronstadts?
(a) Cleaning the toilets
(b) Translating letters
(c) Carbons and babysitting
(d) Reading from his manuscript

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps get Henry out of Nanantatee's apartment much of the time?

2. What does the American woman inquire about that astonishes Henry?

3. What does Henry buy with the money he takes from Peckover?

4. What does the young Hindu do before leaving Paris?

5. How does Henry sum up his idea of le bel aujourd'hui?

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