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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Marlowe's usual trick to get out of paying a bar bill?
(a) He pretends he doesn't see the bill.
(b) He mumbles about leaving his wallet in other pants.
(c) He pretends he is going blind.
(d) He makes a quick trip to the toilet.

2. What has Van Norden lost at the Bal Negre?
(a) His toupee
(b) His wallet
(c) His gold pen
(d) His false teeth

3. What does Henry say about Napoleon?
(a) He was once what modorf is now.
(b) It was not his military genious; it was his short stature.
(c) It was not his ideas they wanted; it was his corpse.
(d) He was sabotaged by his own lusts.

4. What woman is Henry obsessed with?
(a) Mona Lisa
(b) Ginette
(c) Tania
(d) Claude

5. Why does Boris not introduce Henry to the American woman who comes to see the apartment?
(a) Because he fears Henry will say the wrong thing
(b) Because Henry needs a bath
(c) Because he hates Henry
(d) Because she is beautiful

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry say that no one ever dies in Paris?

2. What does Carl say makes him want to go to Arizona?

3. What is Henry thinking about as he walks along the Champs-Elysee?

4. Sleeping on a mattress in the hall, what is Henry's troubled dream?

5. How does Germaine look to Henry in the clear light of day?

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