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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Having gone all day without anything to eat, what enters Henry's mind?
(a) His wife Mona who is working and has plenty to eat
(b) A book he read about cheap whores on the Rue du Pasteur-Wagner
(c) All the food that restaurants throw into the garbage bins
(d) A banquet he once attended where he ate pheasant under glass

2. What is Henry's paranoia at Sylvester's house?
(a) He thinks they are going to steal his book ideas.
(b) He thinks they are going to ask for rent.
(c) He thinks they are trying to get rid of him.
(d) He thinks they are planning to send him back to America.

3. Why does Henry say that no one ever dies in Paris?
(a) You can read the names of famous people written on walls.
(b) No one stays long enough to die.
(c) People in Paris only drink wine.
(d) Paris never forgets imbecils.

4. Who are most of Henry's friends in Paris?
(a) Spaniards
(b) Other Americans
(c) Waiters
(d) Jews

5. What has Van Norden lost at the Bal Negre?
(a) His gold pen
(b) His false teeth
(c) His wallet
(d) His toupee

Short Answer Questions

1. When Henry is writing about Claude, of whom is he really thinking?

2. To torment Carl, what gossip does Marlowe whisper in his ear?

3. Why does Boris not introduce Henry to the American woman who comes to see the apartment?

4. In what way does Henry say Carl and Boris are sufferers?

5. Where is Marlowe about to go?

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