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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What woman is Henry obsessed with?
(a) Mona Lisa
(b) Ginette
(c) Tania
(d) Claude

2. What emotion does Claude arouse in Henry?
(a) Hate
(b) Lust
(c) Pity
(d) Indifference

3. What is the title that Henry wishes he had thought of?
(a) Man and Superman
(b) A Man Cut in Slices
(c) The Sun Also Rises
(d) The Red Shoes

4. How does Germaine look to Henry in the clear light of day?
(a) She has gold teeth and a geranium in her hat.
(b) She is overdressed in fine silks.
(c) She always hides her face behind a fan.
(d) She is overweight and has yellow complexion.

5. On what are Henry and Boris talking about collaborating?
(a) The Last Book
(b) A History of the Left Bank
(c) The Death of the World
(d) The End of Innocence

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Henry's metaphor for his artistic suffering?

2. What author does Henry discover that cheers him?

3. In spite of Marlowe's assurances, what do Carl and Henry know he will not do?

4. Where are the people from who are coming to view the Villa Borghese apartment?

5. To torment Carl, what gossip does Marlowe whisper in his ear?

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