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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What author does Henry discover that cheers him?
(a) Goethe
(b) Immanuel Kant
(c) Papini
(d) Benedetto Croce

2. What makes Henry feel ill when he opens the door of the commune?
(a) The smell of disinfectants
(b) The body odor of the Russians
(c) The stale smoke in the room
(d) The smell of cooking with rancid butter

3. In what way does Henry say Carl and Boris are sufferers?
(a) They lack self-confidence.
(b) They are bewitched by words.
(c) They are mad and tone deaf.
(d) They are hungry and tired.

4. In spite of Marlowe's assurances, what do Carl and Henry know he will not do?
(a) Pay them when he returns
(b) Write them them every day
(c) Recommend them for jobs
(d) Bring them souvenirs from America

5. To torment Carl, what gossip does Marlowe whisper in his ear?
(a) Your favorite girl has the clap.
(b) The police are looking for you.
(c) You're going to lose your job.
(d) Your apartment building is about to be condemned.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry sum up his idea of le bel aujourd'hui?

2. What emotion does Claude arouse in Henry?

3. Where does Henry brush against Walter Pach?

4. Why can Henry not go to the cinema or into the opium joint?

5. How long has Henry's wife, Mona, been gone from Paris?

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