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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the American woman inquire about that astonishes Henry?
(a) The furniture
(b) The heating system
(c) The view
(d) The toilet

2. What is Henry's paranoia at Sylvester's house?
(a) He thinks they are going to ask for rent.
(b) He thinks they are planning to send him back to America.
(c) He thinks they are trying to get rid of him.
(d) He thinks they are going to steal his book ideas.

3. How does Moldorf view Sylvester?
(a) As an inept writer
(b) As a great artist
(c) As a pitiful human being
(d) As a god

4. On what are Henry and Boris talking about collaborating?
(a) The Last Book
(b) The End of Innocence
(c) The Death of the World
(d) A History of the Left Bank

5. What makes Henry feel ill when he opens the door of the commune?
(a) The body odor of the Russians
(b) The smell of cooking with rancid butter
(c) The stale smoke in the room
(d) The smell of disinfectants

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Boris not introduce Henry to the American woman who comes to see the apartment?

2. Why can Henry not go to the cinema or into the opium joint?

3. What does Marlowe want Henry and Carl to do during his absence?

4. How does Henry describe Elsa's piano playing?

5. What is Henry's curious speculation about Mona?

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