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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry have to tone down on his new job?
(a) His looking for free meals
(b) His singing
(c) His style of dressing
(d) His vocabulary

2. Who urges Henry to run away to Russia with Tania?
(a) Nanantatee
(b) Peckover
(c) Carl
(d) Boris

3. What does Henry have to learn to do in his new job?
(a) Make coffee
(b) Operate a printing press
(c) Write obituaries
(d) Kiss the boss' ass

4. Where do Henry and Tania go that he has never been before?
(a) The Louvre
(b) The swell bars around the Champs-Elysee
(c) The sight seeing trips down the Seine
(d) The expensive department stores of Paris

5. What happens in Henry's head as Moldorf reads the letter from Fanny, his wife in America?
(a) He daydreams of flying to America
(b) One of his surrealist fantasies
(c) He thinks about his own wife, Mona
(d) He gets a migraine

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Henry thinking about as he walks along the Champs-Elysee?

2. What price is extracted from Henry for his meals at the Cronstadts?

3. Normally a slob, how does Nanantatee change after Henry moves in?

4. What does the young Hindu do before leaving Paris?

5. What is the condition of the beds in the commune?

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