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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Henry taken the young Hindu for his sexual experience?
(a) Miss Hamilton's joint
(b) The Rue du Pasteru-Wagner
(c) To visit Tania
(d) The Dome

2. How does Henry sum up his idea of le bel aujourd'hui?
(a) No sorrows, no regrets, no past, no future
(b) No memories, no suffering, no interruptions
(c) Sunshine and lilacs all year long
(d) Sitting down to a good meal daily

3. What does Nanantatee's friend, Kelpi, do when Nanantatee is not at home?
(a) He looks for loose change in the sofa.
(b) He raids the cabinet for food.
(c) He tells Henry secrets about Nanantatee.
(d) He sits on the front steps and waits for him.

4. Normally a slob, how does Nanantatee change after Henry moves in?
(a) He moves them into a fancy hotel.
(b) He hires a maid.
(c) He becomes excessively clean.
(d) He starts picking up after himself.

5. How does Kelpi make his living?
(a) Guiding tourists to places where he gets a commission.
(b) Delivering messages.
(c) Picking tourists' pockets.
(d) Collecting bottles for recycling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Boris not introduce Henry to the American woman who comes to see the apartment?

2. What author does Henry discover that cheers him?

3. In spite of Marlowe's assurances, what do Carl and Henry know he will not do?

4. Who helps get Henry out of Nanantatee's apartment much of the time?

5. What deformity does Henry have in his fantasy at the cinema?

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