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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What price is extracted from Henry for his meals at the Cronstadts?
(a) Carbons and babysitting
(b) Cleaning the toilets
(c) Reading from his manuscript
(d) Translating letters

2. What does Henry want to see in the Pension Orfila?
(a) The room where Strindberg once lived
(b) The lavatories with the gold fixtures
(c) The bust of Homer
(d) The fabled murals by Picasso

3. What is Marlowe's usual trick to get out of paying a bar bill?
(a) He makes a quick trip to the toilet.
(b) He pretends he is going blind.
(c) He mumbles about leaving his wallet in other pants.
(d) He pretends he doesn't see the bill.

4. Who comprises the communal life with Henry?
(a) Some crazy Russians, a Dutchman, and a Bulgarian woman nemed Olge
(b) Some dwarfs from the Cirque Medrano
(c) Several young expatriate American students
(d) A dormitory of university students

5. How does Henry slightly disagree with Papini?
(a) Papini flirts with religion; Henry refutes religion.
(b) Papini needs opera; Henry prefers musical comedy.
(c) Papini advises fasting; Henry advises feating.
(d) Papini desires to be alone; Henry wants loneliness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Henry and Tania go that he has never been before?

2. What kind of work is Henry doing that is not very creative?

3. What does the young Hindu do that upsets the madame?

4. How does Henry describe the poor people of Paris?

5. What happens in Henry's head as Moldorf reads the letter from Fanny, his wife in America?

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