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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Henry stay warm on a cold Easter morning?
(a) In the Dome
(b) In Eglise Ste.-Clotilde
(c) In bed
(d) In the hotel lobby

2. Describe the ridiculous method Fillmore has of getting women into his bedroom.
(a) He shows them his laundry bag with the slogan, No tickee, no washee.
(b) He asks them to suggest how he should redecorate.
(c) He shows them the view of the barracks.
(d) He wants them to see his etchings.

3. In spite of Marlowe's assurances, what do Carl and Henry know he will not do?
(a) Bring them souvenirs from America
(b) Recommend them for jobs
(c) Pay them when he returns
(d) Write them them every day

4. What does Henry do after Fillmore leaves for work in the mornings?
(a) He goes back to sleep, sometimes not getting up before noon.
(b) He goes for a stroll
(c) He sits at the table and stares at a blank page.
(d) He puts out pages of an old book he wrote years ago

5. What has Van Norden lost at the Bal Negre?
(a) His false teeth
(b) His gold pen
(c) His toupee
(d) His wallet

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Van Norden's objection to French girls?

2. Why does Van Norden not want to go to the Dome?

3. Why does Van Norden insist that his teeth are all rotten?

4. Where is Marlowe about to go?

5. What does Carl say makes him want to go to Arizona?

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