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Known as a center for literature and art, Henry goes there to become a writer.


To Henry it is a concept, an abstraction that does not truly exist.


A place drab and bleak, turning out vats of mustard.

The Dome

A place Henry and his friends frequent to experience the whores.

Villa Borghese

Where the story begins, it is about to be rented out and Henry will need to find another place to live and work on his book.


Where Henry goes to live with a group of Russians.

Kruger's Studio

Where Henry is staying when he becomes seriously ill and has to be carried out to a hotel.

Le Havre

Henry, Fillmore and Collins go there to have a good time in a weekend that proves to be full of drinking, eating and carousing, a satisfying break from the Paris routines.

Eglise Ste.-Clotilde

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