Tropic of Cancer Character Descriptions

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Henry Miller - Writer and narrator of TROPIC OF CANCER who begins as an angry young man and becomes a contented American in Paris.

Tania - Of all the women in Paris, she is the most attractive to Henry as he becomes her clandestine lover in spite of the fact that she is married to Sylvester.

Mona - Henry's wife, who lives in America, and who leaves him in Paris. She is Henry's connection with America, a connection that withers away, as he establishes a closer bond with Paris.

Boris - The first friend who supports Henry as the novel opens. He encourages Henry's writing but parts of his character become annoying.

Carl - Another friend of Henry's who puts him up and has a genuine affection for him. He is given to huge exaggerations about his sexual exploits.

Van Norden - Henry's friend who has a...

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