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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Troilus say that he will never lose sleep over in Book I?

2. Who is the patron God to Troilus' people?

3. Why do the townspeople want to kill Criseyde?

4. What does Cupid do when he gets mad at Troilus?

5. Who does Pandarus visit after waking up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Calkas want to trade Antenor for Criseyde?

2. What does Chaucer ask for guidance with in Book III?

3. What is the focus of Troilus' recurring dream?

4. What does Pandarus make Troilus promise when Troilus eases his guilt?

5. What does Chaucer say is his intent in writing this story?

6. How did Troilus fall in love with Criseyde?

7. How does Antigone affect Criseyde's decision about Troilus?

8. What is Pandarus' second scheme to bring Criseyde and Troilus together?

9. What does Criseyde say when Troilus writes a second time asking when she will return to him?

10. What does Troilus do after talking with Pandarus?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Which character did you relate with the most in this book? Why was that? How did that character change throughout the book?

Essay Topic 2

What were some of the forms of foreshadowing used in this book, and how did those moments affect the course of the plot?

Essay Topic 3

Despair was a theme that was placed in a number of sensitive places in this plot. What are some of those places, and what role did despair play in this book?

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