Troilus and Criseyde Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Pandarus lecture Troilus about when he hears that Troilus is in love?

When Pandarus hears that Troilus is suffering from lovesickness, he lectures Troilus at length about why he should trust him to help with that situation.

2. What does Pandarus say Troilus should do before opting for death?

When Troilus says that he wants to die because Criseyde will never return his love, Pandarus tells him that he should at least talk to Criseyde first, and find out for certain whether or not she could have feelings for him.

3. What does Pandarus say when he hears who Troilus loves?

When Troilus finally reveals to Pandarus that the woman he loves is his niece, Criseyde, Pandarus is pleased and agrees that Criseyde is a fine woman and worthy of his love.

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