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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the second token that Criseyde gives to Diomede?
(a) A handkerchief.
(b) A glove.
(c) A brooch.
(d) A ring.

2. What excuse(s) did Troilus give for the absense of Criseyde on the tenth day following the trade?
(a) She is waiting for dark before returning.
(b) He did not count the days correctly.
(c) Her father asked her to eat dinner before returning.
(d) All of the answer choices are correct.

3. What deepens Troilus's anxiety when he returns from Sarpedoun's house?
(a) The battles have begun again.
(b) There is no word from Criseyde.
(c) Hector has sent word for him.
(d) Criseyde's house is boarded up.

4. What is Criseyde doing when Pandarus visits her?
(a) Making a cup of tea.
(b) Writing her history.
(c) Painting a landscape.
(d) Reading a poem.

5. What does Troilus do when Criseyde does not return as she had promised?
(a) He writes to her.
(b) He fights more valiantly in battle.
(c) He prays to Cupid.
(d) He goes on a hunger fast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Troilus always mocks others for which of the following?

2. What is Pandarus' first idea to protect his niece?

3. What does Criseyde think will make her feel worse after hearing about the trade?

4. Who enters the room shortly after Troilus agrees to Criseyde's demands?

5. What does Diomede offer Criseyde after the trade?

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