Objects & Places from Troilus and Criseyde

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Ancient Troyappears in All Books - This is a large walled city under the leadership of King Priam.

Troilus' Homeappears in All Books - This is the site where Troilus spends much of his time while away from battle.

Pandarus' Homeappears in Books II-V - It is at this site that Pandarus arranges for Troilus and Criseyde to meet secretly and spend the night together.

Criseyde's Homeappears in Books II-V - This object is boarded up when the owner leaves for the Greek camps

Deiphebus' Homeappears in Book II - This is the site Troilus and Criseyde are invited to dinner under Pandarus' scheme.

The Walls of Troyappears in All Books - Troilus walks along these objects, looking out over the enemy for any sign of the return of Criseyde.

The Greek Campappears in Book V - This area is the enemy encampment.

The Temple of Athenaappears...

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