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Book I

• In this poem, Chaucer says that Troilus will fall in love and then feel deep sorrow as he is betrayed by Criseyde.

• He is writing this to give hope to those who have love and lost.
• Calkas is a priest who learns through a vision that Troy will lose the War. He switches sides.

• Criseyde, his widowed daughter, is called a traitor and is almost killed as such when Hector, a Prince, protects her.
• In the spring, the citizens of Troy hold a festival for Athena, their patron goddess. Although dressed in black, Criseyde is the most beautiful woman there.
• Troilus is a noble knight who tries to be a role model for younger knights. He often mocks those who are love struck.
• Cupid gets mad when Troilus mocks love; so he hits Troilus with an arrow that causes him to fall in love at first...

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