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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mr. Spinell at Einfried?

2. What was Einfried before it became a sanitarium?

3. Why does Mr. Spinell say that he is really at Einfried?

4. What room at Einfried is adjacent to the sitting room?

5. What does Gabriele think Mr. Spinell’s name is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when a patient dies?

2. Of what is Mr. Kloterjahn a connoisseur?

3. Why does Mr. Spinell say that he is staying at Einfried?

4. Why is Mr. Kloterjahn grateful that his wife’s condition does not stem from the lungs?

5. Why doesn’t the sanitarium restrict its business to consumptive patients?

6. Why has one of the other patients nicknamed Mr. Spinell the “Rotten Infant”?

7. Why is the word “trachea” comforting when the doctor says it?

8. Why is Miss van Osterloh said to feel reproachful towards men?

9. What does the vein do to Gabriele Kloterjahn’s countenance?

10. What seems to be Dr. Leander’s opinion of Mr. Spinell?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mann uses various psychological concepts, including that of Freud’s sublimation, in Tristan. What is sublimation? How does it appear in and contribute to the novella? How do the characters use sublimation? How does the concept of sublimation relate to Mann’s interpretation of art and the artist?

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Spinell, though paying to stay at Einfried for treatment, does not seem to be actually ill. What does this say about his character? How does his lack of illness relate to his identification as an artist? Why does he want to appear ill? If, as Mann seems to be stating, the artist is inherently a creature of sickness and Mr. Spinell is not sick, can he truly be said to be an artist?

Essay Topic 3

The novella ends with a conflict between Mr. Kloterjahn and Mr. Spinell. How does this come about? What issues do the two men have with each other? Compare and contrast their characters and the endings that the novella provides for each man.

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