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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Einfried before it became a sanitarium?

2. How long have the Kloterjahns been married?

3. Why does Mrs. Kloterjahn's doctor recommend she go to Einfried?

4. What kind of book did the writer write?

5. What was the name of Mrs. Kloterjahn's doctor when she first became ill?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are specific cases in particular Dr. Muller’s responsibility?

2. How do we know that Mr. Kloterjahn is an Anglophile?

3. Why does Gabriele Kloterjahn’s inspect her handkerchief after she clears her throat?

4. How is it obvious that Mrs. Kloterjahn is devoted to Mr. Kloterjahn?

5. When is Mr. Spinell sociable?

6. What is the one imperfection in Gabriele Kloterjahn’s face?

7. What seems to be Dr. Leander’s opinion of Mr. Spinell?

8. Why does Mr. Spinell look at beautiful women out of the corner of his eye?

9. How does Mrs. Kloterjahn seem to feel about Mr. Spinell?

10. What are some of the activities that the patients occupy themselves with?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The concepts of Art and the Artist are key in Tristan.How does Mann view art? How does he view and characterize artists? Does he see the artistic impulse as a strength or a weakness? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Spinell’s letter is an important part of the novella, as it describes his idea of his relationship with Gabriele. Why does Mr. Spinell write the letter? Why does he mail it instead of delivering it to Mr. Kloterjahn himself? How does he describe his relationship with Gabriele Kloterjahn? Why does he view their relationship this way? How does Mr. Spinell view Mr. Kloterjahn and his relationship with his wife?

Essay Topic 3

Health and sickness are major themes in the novella. Which characters embody health? Which characters embody sickness? What other qualities or characteristics are found in the sick characters? In the healthy characters? What does Mann appear to be saying about the significance of health and sickness?

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