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Film Viewing

Watch the 2006 film version of Tristan & Isolde. Compare and contrast the movie and the original legend – what similarities remain? What changes did the director choose to make? Are the changes effective? Why or why not?


Write an obituary for Thomas Mann.


Make a collage of the Alpine region’s past, present and future.

Job Description

Write a job description for a doctor at a sanitarium.


Create an illustrated timeline for the events in Tristan.

Psychological Profile

Create a psychological profile for Mr. Spinell.

Tourist Brochure

Create a tourist brochure for the Alps. What are the region’s main features?

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast Mr. Spinell with another of Mann’s characters.

Venn Diagram

Compare and contrast Mr. Spinell and Mr. Kloterjahn using a Venn Diagram.

Alternate Ending

Write an alternate ending to Tristan, where Mrs. Kloterjahn does not die. How do...

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