Tristan (by Thomas Mann) Character Descriptions

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Gabriele Kloterjahn

A young wife and recent mother suffering from what is initially described as a tracheal condition (but what is ultimately understood to be tuberculosis), she is a new patient at Einfried, a sanitarium for people suffering from tuberculosis and other ailments.Friendly and personable, she is devoted to her husband and son, although Mr. Spinell romanticizes her and their friendship. She is both a musician (a pianist) and the daughter of a musician (a violinist), and has a great love of music, despite not having been able to play since becoming ill.

Anton Kloterjahn, Sr

A businessman from a town on the Baltic coast, he asked Gabriele to marry him after having known her for only three days. He is described as being an Anglophile, having a passion for all things English. He is a connoisseur of fine food and drink, and is described physically as...

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