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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character marries Wittman and Tasa?
(a) Gabe
(b) Nanci
(c) Sunny
(d) Lance

2. What is the name of the street Wittman walks down?
(a) Market Street
(b) Hochmut Street
(c) Divan Street
(d) Heinz Street

3. What university did Wittman Ah Sing attend?
(a) Berkeley
(b) Harvard
(c) Chicago
(d) Princeton

4. What kind of seafood do the grandmothers chop?
(a) Shrimp
(b) Trout
(c) Lobster
(d) Oysters

5. Where does Wittman board a bus to?
(a) Oakland
(b) Sacramento
(c) Beverly Hills
(d) Berkeley

6. Which two characters get married in this chapter?
(a) Sunny and Lance
(b) Gabe and Tasa
(c) Wittman and Tasa
(d) Wittman and Sunny

7. What kind of car does Tasa own?
(a) A BMW
(b) A Mercedes
(c) A Caddilac
(d) A Porsche

8. What color hair does Tasa have?
(a) Brown
(b) Blond
(c) Red
(d) Black

9. What does Wittman dream he can hear crying?
(a) Trees
(b) Dead birds
(c) Buried people
(d) Skeletal children

10. Where does Wittman first meet Tasa?
(a) At a party
(b) In a shoe store
(c) In a supermarket
(d) At university

11. Which English poet does Wittman reference?
(a) Milton
(b) Tennyson
(c) Beardsley
(d) Wordsworth

12. Where does Wittman tell Nanci he was born?
(a) In an alleyway next to a Chinese restaurnat
(b) In a New York taxi
(c) Backstage at a vaudeville theater
(d) On the beach at the English seaside

13. What does the man tell Wittman that he once was?
(a) A Yale Younger Poet
(b) A Rustic Rushmore Writer
(c) A Proper Princeton Playwright
(d) A Happy Havard Harvester

14. What does Wittman hope he can get as a permanent job?
(a) A playwright
(b) A bus driver
(c) A book reader on a bus
(d) A bus conductor

15. What does A.J.A stand for?
(a) Americans of Japanese Ancestry
(b) Armenian Jack of America
(c) Army Jocks with Attitude
(d) Americans of Jewish Ancestry

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Wittman contemplate buying at the market?

2. What does Wittman get tangled in the sprockets of the bicycle?

3. What special ingredient does Charles put in the omelet?

4. Why did Gabe become a Universal Life Church Minister?

5. What can Wittman hear in a room nearby?

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