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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nanci aspire to be?
(a) A writer
(b) A film producer
(c) A map maker
(d) An actress

2. Where does Wittman tell Nanci he was born?
(a) On the beach at the English seaside
(b) Backstage at a vaudeville theater
(c) In a New York taxi
(d) In an alleyway next to a Chinese restaurnat

3. Where does Wittman work?
(a) A newspaper stand
(b) A department store
(c) A market stall
(d) A newspaper

4. What does Sunny call Wittman?
(a) The Chinese Beatnik
(b) Walt Whitman
(c) The Oriental Laurette
(d) Poet of the People

5. Which of the following was Nanci at college?
(a) An Oski Doll
(b) A cheerleader
(c) Ladies chess champion
(d) A Peking Doll

6. Where do Monkey and his friends arrive after traveling for 1000 days?
(a) The moon
(b) The West
(c) The New World
(d) The Lost City

7. Which of the following toys does Wittman object to?
(a) A baseball shooter
(b) A basketball cannon
(c) A doctor's syringe
(d) A ninja star

8. What is the name of the bus Wittman takes downtown?
(a) Goad
(b) Borda
(c) Puny
(d) Muni

9. What is Wittman's three-day play based on?
(a) Greek myth
(b) Chinese myth
(c) American folklore
(d) Japanese myth

10. What does the poet say he was discouraged by?
(a) Nixon
(b) Civil Rights
(c) The bomb
(d) Vietnam

11. What color hair does Tasa have?
(a) Blond
(b) Red
(c) Brown
(d) Black

12. What does Wittman call the oriental man's accent?
(a) Quirky American Chinese
(b) LA Chinatown
(c) Hong Kong San Francisco
(d) San Fran Japanese

13. What is Witman's position at the department store?
(a) Clerk
(b) Manager
(c) Sales manager
(d) Cleaner

14. Which English poet does Wittman reference?
(a) Tennyson
(b) Wordsworth
(c) Milton
(d) Beardsley

15. What does Wittman chastise mothers for?
(a) Leaving their children in the toy department
(b) Buying unsuitable toys
(c) Breaking toys without telling anyone
(d) Being rude to him

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the grandmothers smash with mighty blows?

2. What does the man tell Wittman that he once was?

3. What film does Wittman watch?

4. Where do Tasa and Wittman encounter Gabe?

5. Who does Wittman think the original gangs were that were represented in the film?

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