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Golden Gate Bridge

Wittman thinks that this is perfect, a symbol of all that is good about America.

Golden Gate Park

This park in the 1960s was a Mecca of sorts for all types of hippies and counter-culture types, where drugs were bought and sold, and anti-war demonstrations staged.


Wittman's mother lives in this city in a modest tract home within sight of the state capitol.

Wittman's Apartment

Sitauted in Chinatown, it has a communal kitchen and a shared bathroom down the hall.

Tasa's Apartment

This has a separate space for Tasa to paint and a bedroom. However, Wittman is soon angry that Tasa refuses to do all the housework.

The Benevolent Association

Zeppelin is a long-time supporter of the association, buying tables at charity dinners and books of raffle tickets with his last twenty dollars.

The Employment Office

Here is the encounter with Mr. Sanchez a...

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