Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapter 1: Trippers and Askers

1. What subject did Wittman Ah Sing major in?
(a) Science
(b) English
(c) Film
(d) Maths

2. What university did Wittman Ah Sing attend?
(a) Harvard
(b) Chicago
(c) Princeton
(d) Berkeley

3. Where does Wittman work?
(a) A department store
(b) A market stall
(c) A newspaper
(d) A newspaper stand

4. Where does Wittman attend a party?
(a) Princeton
(b) Beverly Hills
(c) Oakland
(d) Saramento

5. What is the nationality of the woman Witman meets on the bus?
(a) English
(b) Indian
(c) Japanese
(d) Chinese

6. Where does Wittman first meet Tasa?
(a) In a supermarket
(b) At university
(c) In a shoe store
(d) At a party

7. Why does Wittman marry Tasa?
(a) To get a visa
(b) To get away form his mother
(c) To avoid the draft
(d) He loves her

8. What is the name of the special day Wittman's mother is celebrating?
(a) I Ching
(b) Fah Pong
(c) Goo Yaa
(d) Mah Jong

9. Where do Wittman and Tasa travel to to look for Wittman's grandmother?
(a) Reno
(b) Ohio
(c) Seattle
(d) San Francisco

10. What is Wittman's three-day play based on?
(a) Chinese myth
(b) Greek myth
(c) American folklore
(d) Japanese myth

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