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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Introduction, during what years did Susan Glaspell work as a reporter for the Des Moines News?
(a) 1880-1882
(b) 1888-1895
(c) 1798-1805
(d) 1899-1901

2. Who was accused of the murder of John Hossack?
(a) Margaret Hossack
(b) Sarah Hossack
(c) Emily Hossack
(d) Muriel Hossack

3. Where did the trial for John Hossack’s murder take place?
(a) Chicago, Illinois
(b) St. Paul, Minnesota
(c) Indianola, Iowa
(d) Albany, New York

4. What character did Susan Glaspell portray in the original production of Trifles?
(a) Mrs. Samuel
(b) Mrs. Peters
(c) Mrs. Wright
(d) Mrs. Hale

5. What important theatrical collaboration did Susan Glaspell and George Cram Cook found?
(a) The Greenwich Players
(b) The Provincetown Players
(c) The Cincinnati Players
(d) The Public Theater

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the theatrical collaboration that Susan Glaspell and George Cram Cook formed originated?

2. When was Trifles first performed?

3. Who played the role of George Henderson in the original production of Trifles?

4. When did Susan Glaspell marry George Cram Cook?

5. How many articles did Susan Glaspell write as a reporter that covered the John Hossack murder case?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the theme of gender roles defined in the plot of the play?

2. What does Mrs. Wright reply when Mr. Hale tells her that he wants to see Mr. Wright?

3. How is the Wright property described?

4. What passing comment of Mr. Hale's reveals information about the Wrights’ relationship?

5. How does Mrs. Wright inform Mr. Hale of her husband's location and means of death?

6. Who goes for help after discovering Mr. Wright's body? What does Mr. Hale discuss with Mrs. Wright?

7. How was Susan Glaspell involved in the murder trial that she later based Trifles on? What were her feelings about the trial?

8. When and where was Trifles first performed?

9. How does the theme of guilt apply to Mrs. Hale?

10. Who does Mr. Hale call inside after Mrs. Wright tells him Mr. Wright is dead? What did they find?

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