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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What character is described as “a young man”?
(a) George Henderson
(b) Frank
(c) Lewis Hale
(d) Henry Peters

2. Which of the following is a central theme in Trifles?
(a) Gender differences
(b) Father and son relationships
(c) Nature versus nurture
(d) Political ambition

3. What type of pet does Mrs. Peters say Mrs. Wright was afraid of?
(a) Dogs
(b) Fish
(c) Birds
(d) Cats

4. What is located on the table in the opening scene of Trifles?
(a) A birdcage
(b) A cake
(c) Fresh fruit
(d) A dish-towel

5. The women at the end of Trifles illustrate which of the following concepts?
(a) Animosity
(b) Arbitration
(c) Solidarity
(d) Insolence

6. Mrs. Hale says to Mrs. Peters, “I tell you, it’s queer, Mrs. Peters. We live close together and we live” what?
(a) In blindness
(b) In ignorance
(c) In faith
(d) Far apart

7. In what region of the United States is Trifles set?
(a) The West
(b) The South
(c) The Midwest
(d) The Northeast

8. As the women are alone downstairs, what items of clothing does Mrs. Peters carry in the room?
(a) A hat and skirt
(b) A jacket and shawl
(c) A dress and skirt
(d) A blouse and coat

9. What kind of fruit does Mrs. Hale find in an unbroken jar in the cupboard?
(a) Cherries
(b) Strawberries
(c) Blueberries
(d) Peaches

10. Where do the characters go first upon entering the house?
(a) To the bathroom
(b) To the closet
(c) To the stove
(d) To the bedroom

11. Where does Henry Peters say a man had gone crazy the day before?
(a) Washington Park
(b) Morris Center
(c) James Center
(d) Williams Hospital

12. Why does Mrs. Hale say she hasn’t visited the Wright home much?
(a) I hated Mrs. Wright
(b) Mr. Wright gave me the willies
(c) It was too violent
(d) It never seemed a very cheerful place

13. Who is perceived to have killed Mrs. Wright’s pet in the narrative?
(a) John Wright
(b) Harry
(c) Lewis Hale
(d) George Henderson

14. What word from the stage directions refers to a scarf, usually of fur or wool, used to cover the neck, or the neck and shoulders?
(a) Foxglove
(b) Tippet
(c) Bonnet
(d) Doublet

15. What word in the narrative means to find fault with?
(a) Interrogate
(b) Reproach
(c) Abnegate
(d) Ordinate

Short Answer Questions

1. What title refers to an officer, as of a county or municipality, whose chief function is to investigate any death not clearly resulting from natural causes?

2. What does George Henderson ask the women as the men return from examining outside?

3. What do the women find in the fancy box in Mrs. Wright’s sewing basket?

4. Mrs. Hale tells Mrs. Peters, “If I was you, I wouldn’t tell her” what?

5. As the women are alone downstairs, what item of clothing does Mrs. Hale carry in the room that belongs to Mrs. Wright?

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