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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Trifles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mr. Hale say Mrs. Wright pointed when he asks her where Mr. Wright is?
(a) Toward town
(b) To the kitchen
(c) To the barn
(d) Upstairs

2. What word from the stage directions means dashing courage or heroic bravery?
(a) Insurgence
(b) Abstinence
(c) Gallantry
(d) Altruism

3. Who does Henry Peters tell that they will be right out as he goes into the other room with George Henderson?
(a) Dr. Lloyd
(b) Frank
(c) Lewis Hale
(d) Harry

4. According to the Introduction, who played the role of Henry Peters in the original production of Trifles?
(a) Preston Lorio
(b) James Harris
(c) Mark Whitburg
(d) Robert Conville

5. What word from the stage directions refers to something that lacks serious content?
(a) Manipulative
(b) Gallant
(c) Facetious
(d) Misogynistic

Short Answer Questions

1. What word in the narrative means to find fault with?

2. Who was accused of the murder of John Hossack?

3. Who says, “I wish if they’re going to find any evidence they’d be about it. I don’t like this place”?

4. After the men reenter from upstairs, who says he is going to stay at the Wright home by himself?

5. According to the Introduction, where was Trifles first performed?

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