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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Trifles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the play, what does Mrs. Hale have her hand over?
(a) Her purse
(b) The sewing basket
(c) The bread box
(d) Her pocket

2. According to Henry Peters, what had the temperature dropped below the previous night?
(a) 0 degrees
(b) 20 degrees
(c) 30 degrees
(d) 50 degrees

3. In the narrative, Mrs. Peters says, “Somehow we just don’t see how it is with other folks until” what?
(a) Something happens
(b) Someone is dead
(c) Something goes wrong
(d) Something comes up

4. What character in the play is based on the real-life figure of John Hossack?
(a) Lewis Hale
(b) Henry Peters
(c) John Wright
(d) George Henderson

5. According to Mr. Hale, how does Mrs. Wright respond when he asks, “Who did this, Mrs. Wright?”
(a) He did it to himself
(b) I don’t know
(c) The burglars did it
(d) I did it

Short Answer Questions

1. What character did Susan Glaspell portray in the original production of Trifles?

2. Who was accused of the murder of John Hossack?

3. From where has the County Attorney just returned upon arriving at the farmhouse?

4. According to Mr. Hale, how does Mrs. Wright respond when he says, “How, do, Mrs. Wright it’s cold, ain’t it?”

5. According to Mr. Hale, who arrives to examine Mr. Wright’s body?

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