Trifles Character Descriptions

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Lewis Hale

This straightforward, honest farmer is a bit rough around the edges from the harsh life of a rural farmer. He is the first to discover the murder when he stops by the Wright's farmhouse to interest them in sharing a telephone line.

Mrs. Hale

At first timid, this character eventually commits what she thinks is a justifiable crime: a conspiracy to conceal evidence from a murder investigation. She first accompanies her husband to the crime scene to gather items for the imprisoned suspect and is the first to discover the clues of the bread outside the box, hasty quilt stitching, and a dead canary.

George Henderson

This character is the attorney that will eventually prosecute the murder suspect. He is younger than the other characters; accordingly, he is more brash, sarcastic, and foolish.

Henry Peters

As Sheriff in the small, rural town, this character plays a...

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