Trick Mirror Short Essay - Answer Key

Jia Tolentino
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1. How many essays are contained within Trick Mirror and around what theme do they all revolve?

In the introduction to the text, Jia Tolentino explains that Trick Mirror contains seven different essays, all focused on the theme of self-delusion in some way. She then briefly outlines the topic of each essay and states its title.

2. How does Tolentino describe the connection between each essay's topic and her own life?

Tolentino explains in Trick Mirror's introduction that the seven essays included in the collection are "the prisms through which I have come to know myself” (6). The reader is encouraged to remember this connection as the text unfolds, since keeping track of Tolentino's personal connection to each topic is essential to understanding many of her argumentative points, evocations of mood, and word choices.

3. Discuss an instance in the introduction when Tolentino uses a metaphor to illustrate a particular point.

At one point within the introduction, Tolentino reflects on the fact that she had "been leaving [herself[ breadcrumbs" (ix) throughout her life. Her discovery of the line that led to the title of the essay collection helped her come to the realization that her subconscious had been leading her toward a particular area of exploration.

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