Trick Mirror Short Answer Test Questions

Jia Tolentino
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1. Tolentino states that she began writing Trick Mirror in which season of 2017?

2. Tolentino states that she finished writing Trick Mirror in which season of 2018?

3. What celestial body does Tolentino use in a metaphorical description of America within the introduction?

4. Tolentino tells the reader in the introduction that she tends to extinguish what feeling by writing?

5. How many essays in total are collected within the book Trick Mirror?

6. Tolentino describes the topics of the collection's essays by using which object as a metaphor?

7. The first line of the essay "The I in Internet" states, "In the beginning the internet seemed" (7) what?

8. The Angelfire subpage Tolentino presents for the reader's inspection was created when Tolentino was how old?

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