Objects & Places from Trick Mirror

Jia Tolentino
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These objects symbolize the way in which the unconscious mind provides guidance. In the introduction to Trick Mirror, Tolentino discusses how she had been leaving these objects for herself to find throughout her life, but she had never fully understood the depth of this phenomenon until she put together the collection of essays revolving around self-delusion.

Exclamation Point

This object symbolizes hope and is featured within the essay entitled "The I in Internet." At the advent of the internet's widespread use in the 1990s, Tolentino was excited, inspired, and encouraged by the possibilities inherent in the new technology. Her frequent use of this object within her writing from that time period underscores her feelings of hope and promise. Unfortunately, as time went on, Tolentino began to feel less and less excited about the internet's direction, until finally in 2012, she considered its evils to be so insidiously ingrained...

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