Daily Lessons for Teaching Trick Mirror

Jia Tolentino
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction and "The I in Internet")


Students will analyze the literary theme of appearance versus reality, as it is depicted within Tolentino’s collection Trick Mirror.

In the first essay of the collection, entitled “The I in Internet,” Tolentino states that the concepts of stage and audience have been prominent aspects of the human condition for thousands of years. Tolentino then adds, “But the internet adds a host of other, nightmarish metaphorical structures: the mirror, the echo, the panopticon” (16). By studying this theme of appearance versus reality, students will gain experience with explicating a text using this common theme as a tool.


Class Discussion: In what ways do you think people present different versions of themselves to different people and within different situational contexts? Do you think this is inevitable, useful, or deceitful? If you had to choose one determination that you think is the most valid, which would it be...

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