Trick Mirror Fun Activities

Jia Tolentino
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Read a Book

Choose one of the children's novels discussed by Tolentino within the essay "Pure Heroines." Read it and write a comprehensive review of the book, juxtaposing your ideas about the book with Tolentino's comments about the book in Trick Mirror.

Watch A Documentary

Find and watch a documentary film focusing on the way in which the internet or social media has recontextualized the human experience.

Write a Critical Analysis of a Review

Seek out a review of Trick Mirror and write a critical analysis of the review. Is it effective in its arguments? Why or why not? Try to choose a review that makes insightful comments about the text, even if you do not agree with some of the comments, to ensure that you have sufficient material with which to grapple in your written analysis.

Create A Three-Dimensional Model

Using media of your choice, create a...

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