Trick Mirror Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jia Tolentino
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Tolentino's messages about motherhood and wifedom within the text Trick Mirror.

Essay Topic 2

What is Tolentino's overall message about the American identity within the collection Trick Mirror and what types of evidence does she use to prove the claim?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the effects of stress on the collection's discussed people and the coping methods each main subject uses to deal with emotional turmoil. Which people’s methods are effective, which are ineffective, and how do these varying levels of efficiency affect the messages sent within Tolentino’s book Trick Mirror?

Essay Topic 4

What messages are being sent about racial tensions in America in the collection Trick Mirror and what actions does Tolentino hope to provoke within the text’s audience?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss Tolentino’s messages concerning the nature of personal satisfaction. Does the text indicate that it is dangerous or crucial? Choose one...

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