Trick Mirror Character Descriptions

Jia Tolentino
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4Chan member

This person and others like him are discussed in the essay entitled "The I in Internet." This person is described as being white, male, and incredibly misogynistic. This person and others like him are described as having constantly levied abuse against people of color, women, and others. For example, a person like this one is quoted within Trick Mirror as having told female members of the community that the only interesting things about them were their naked bodies and that they should leave if they were not going to expose their breasts.


Tolentino uses this seagull's vicious online treatment to highlight the absurdity and extreme nature of the way that people treat one another online. When a video of this seagull falling in love with a stone statue went viral, many commenters levied abuse against this seagull for indulging in unrequited love. This seagull is discussed...

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