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Richard M. Hannula
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Charles Spurgeon a pastor?
(a) England.
(b) The Midwest.
(c) France.
(d) New England.

2. Where was Abraham Kuyper from?
(a) America.
(b) England.
(c) The Netherlands.
(d) Africa.

3. Why did Taylor return to England?
(a) There was a death in his family.
(b) He wanted to train more missionaries.
(c) Poor health.
(d) The natives wouldn't accept him.

4. Why was John Bunyan arrested?
(a) For prostitution.
(b) He wasn't legally allowed to preach.
(c) He was drunk in public.
(d) He wouldn't bow to the king.

5. How many people converted?
(a) Hundreds of thousands.
(b) Eight.
(c) Hundreds.
(d) Nearly 50.

6. Who frowned upon Carmichael's family when they helped a poor woman move a heavy load?
(a) Churchgoers.
(b) The neighbors.
(c) The minister.
(d) No-one.

7. What did Paton do that made some of the people turn to God?
(a) He uncovered an underground spring.
(b) He healed the sick.
(c) He prayed.
(d) He continuously helped others.

8. Where did Edwards travel to give his sermons?
(a) To the midwest.
(b) New York City.
(c) Across New England.
(d) To reservations.

9. What was happening in the church during Jonathan Edwards' life?
(a) It was a stagnant period of Christianity.
(b) There were riots within the church.
(c) Protestants and Catholics began to merge their beliefs.
(d) There was a revival called The Great Awakening.

10. Who were the Boxers?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Members of a secret society that hated Christians.
(c) An elite sports group.
(d) Gift wrappers.

11. What did Bunyan preach?
(a) Abstinence.
(b) The Gospel.
(c) The Pentateuch.
(d) Sobriety.

12. What does Brainerd's diary do for missionaries?
(a) It shows how to live among the natives.
(b) It offers advice on sermon writing.
(c) It inspires.
(d) It offers steps to take to get along with others on the mission field.

13. What church did John and Charles Wesley found?
(a) Lutheran.
(b) Methodist.
(c) Wesleyan.
(d) The Church of Brothers.

14. What effect did the communist dictatorship have on Christians in Romania?
(a) It divided the church.
(b) They aimed to wipe Christianity out.
(c) It redefined Christianity.
(d) It put Christianity on a pedestal.

15. How did the Christians respond to the Boxers?
(a) They refused to hide.
(b) They boycotted fights.
(c) They hid.
(d) They arranged prayer meetings around practice schedules.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what did most of Jonathan Edwards sermons focus?

2. For what was Bunyan known before he was convicted of his behavior?

3. Who edited Brainerd's diary?

4. How were Margaret Mac Lachlan and Margaret Wilson killed?

5. What great piece of literature did John Bunyan write?

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