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Richard M. Hannula
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jeanne d'Albret declare on Christmas Day in 1560?
(a) She declared a week of peace among Christian factions.
(b) She declared that it was the last official Christmas they would legally celebrate.
(c) She declared her loyalty to the Reformed Faith.
(d) She declared that those who followed the Reformed Faith would be put to death.

2. What did Gregory think about purgatory?
(a) He expanded the church's teaching on it.
(b) He wanted to learn more about it.
(c) He recanted his earlier belief in purgatory.
(d) He denied there was such a place.

3. What happened in Europe in the 1500s?
(a) Spiritual collapse.
(b) Spiritual revitalization.
(c) Spiritual death.
(d) Spiritual reform.

4. Where was Luther hidden?
(a) In caves
(b) Wartburg Castle.
(c) Nowhere. He was captured and burned.
(d) In the monastery.

5. How did Renee's husband try to help her?
(a) He built more rooms to house people.
(b) He helped hide Huguenots.
(c) He sent many Inquisitors to her to convert her.
(d) He gave her money.

6. What was the supreme guide of the church according to John Wycliffe?
(a) Money.
(b) Prayer.
(c) Fasting.
(d) Scripture.

7. What was the punishment for Bible translation?
(a) Banishment.
(b) Imprisonment.
(c) Lashes.
(d) Death.

8. Why did the Council of Nicaea convene?
(a) To create a new Bible.
(b) To discuss the church history.
(c) To judge Christian rulers.
(d) To solve the problems dividing the church.

9. What did Catherine de Medici do after Jeanne died?
(a) She declared that the Huguenots and Catholics could worship freely.
(b) She killed Jeanne's children.
(c) She recommended Jeanne for sainthood.
(d) She ordered a mass slaughter of the Huguenots.

10. For what is St. Patrick most commonly known?
(a) Witnessing to the Irish.
(b) Leading a slave revolt.
(c) Fighting against Christian legalism.
(d) Finding gold.

11. What did Anselm become under popular demand?
(a) Archbishop.
(b) Pope.
(c) Head Schoolmaster.
(d) Retired.

12. What job did Augustine have?
(a) He became a secular teacher.
(b) He became a Christian teacher.
(c) He became a priest.
(d) He didn't get a job.

13. What church did the Protestants in Scotland create?
(a) A Catholic church.
(b) A Lutheran church.
(c) A Reform church.
(d) A Calvinist church.

14. What did William Tyndale do that made him an outlaw?
(a) He held a religious protest outside the church.
(b) He robbed from the wealthy to help the poor.
(c) He robbed from the church.
(d) He wanted to translate the Bible into English.

15. How often did Alfred worship God?
(a) Daily.
(b) Monthly.
(c) Weekly.
(d) Yearly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job did Ambrose have before he became Bishop of Milan?

2. To whom was Polycarp supposed to swear loyalty according to the governor?

3. What was Charlemagne's job?

4. What did the governor threaten to do if Polycarp wouldn't swear his loyalty?

5. What did Diocletian want to do to Christianity?

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