The Tree of Red Stars Short Essay - Answer Key

Tessa Bridal
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1. How did Magda's town get its name?

In the 1520s, a Portuguese sailor cried out upon seeing the the land, "Monte vide eu." In English, this means "I see a hill." Though it was named by a man from Portugal and is located in South America, the town is very ethnically diverse.

2. Describe Magda's hometown.

Magda's hometown is spread out all through the riverbank. The hill (the Cerro) itself remains populated, though only the poor and soldiers remain there. Magda's more well-off neighborhood, or barrio, is marked with the ever-present estrella federal.

3. What do Magda and Emilia's mothers do for Gabriela?

Gabriela is a beggar from the Cerro with a few children. She makes daily rounds through Magda's barrio to see if anyone has any spare food, clothing, or other items to spare. Magda and Emilia's mothers, at the start of the novel, bathe Gabriela's new baby for her and load her up with fresh bread and fruit for her children.

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