The Tree of Red Stars Fun Activities

Tessa Bridal
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Research the Uruguayan Carnival. What are some of the traditions? What is the history behind Carnival? Is it understandable why it is so important for Magda to go?

The True Stories

To get a better idea of the historical figures in this novel, research Dan Mitrione, Che Guevara or Geoffrey Jackson. Do you think he was used well in this story?

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Pretend that you are a reporter for the main newspaper in Uruguay. How would you report on some of the major events of this novel?

I Revolve Around Music

Research some of the music Magda and her friends would have listened to in this time period. What was particularly popular at the time? Which characters do you believe would listen what music?

Making Brothers and Sisters Of All

Have a traditional serving of mate with the class. What is the...

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