The Tree of Red Stars Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tessa Bridal
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Chapter 1

• Magda and Emilia sneak into Gabriela's wagon.

• Gabriela returns the girls home, but not before making friends with both of them.

Chapter 2

• Cora, a mysterious new girl, moves into the barrio, sparking Magda and Emilia's interest.

• Josefa tells Magda a traditional bedtime story about mate, a Uruguayan tea that is meant to make friends.

Chapter 3

• The women in Magda's family are uneasy about the catcalls they receive from the men and the aggression that has been lately displayed.

• Magda's cousin, Sofia (twin to Carmen), gets in trouble for leaving a hotel with a boy.

Chapter 4

• After some flowers for Cora are mistakenly delivered to Magda, Magda and Emilia finally meet the girl who wants to be their friend.

• Emilia begins to look for some strength in her increasingly unstable life.

• Cora is able to come to another girl's house with Magda and Emilia, and the three girls...

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