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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the names of Topiltzin and Yazid's younger brother and sister?

2. Who was responsible for "the Art of Grammar"?

3. What two words best describe the booklet handed out to the crowd?

4. What is under the seat of the Cord?

5. What kind of atmosphere would the scrolls need to remain intact?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the easiest excuse to get the security guards into the room to be killed? How were they killed?

2. Who admires Giordino and why?

3. Why does Hala change her mind and decide to announce the immanent discovery of the antiquities?

4. What happens when Ammar pushes the button for the detonation?

5. What does Pitt know the terrorists are aware of?

6. What did Captain Collins consider inhuman?

7. Why can't the President of the United States expose Topiltzin and Yazid?

8. How does Ammar feel about the people at the table?

9. Where is the best location for the scrolls to be if they are to maintain their cohesion and readability? Where is the worst?

10. What was interesting about the cargo that was loaded onto the Lady Flamborough to the person that loaded it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Dirk's action regarding the crash say about his personality? Why do you think he fought so hard to save those people he didn't know? What would you have done in his position?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Clive Cussler with Dirk Pitt. How is the author alike to the character he created? What are his obvious shortcomings? How is the author different from Dirk Pitt? What do you think of authors that choose to create a character that shares their interests?

Essay Topic 3

How would the technology of today have made the abduction of the Lady Flamborough impossible? How would it have aided the search for the lost treasures of the Alexandria Library?

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