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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the woman in the water?
(a) She was eaten by a shark
(b) She drowned
(c) She was disoriented and swam down instead of up
(d) She was rescued

2. How much money does Pitt owe Giordino?
(a) Twenty dollars
(b) Seventy dollars
(c) Forty dollars
(d) Fifty dollars

3. What message does the President want delivered to Hassan?
(a) That Yazid should be executed
(b) That Yazid is a horrible man
(c) That he is the supported candidate by the Americans
(d) That the Americans will co-operate if he would like Yazid removed

4. What does Ammar plan to do about the Lady Flamborough?
(a) Murder her
(b) Marry her
(c) Make her, her passengers, and crew disappear
(d) Make her disappear

5. Papyrus was made using?
(a) Plant stems
(b) Cotton fiber
(c) Human skin
(d) Animal skins

Short Answer Questions

1. Who got the blame every time an assassination or terrorist plot was uncovered?

2. What two words best describe the booklet handed out to the crowd?

3. Which artist does Pitt create a comparison for when he suggests how the Lady disappeared for the second time?

4. Who unwittingly walks into the hijacking?

5. Where had the Serapis landed and taken on a ballast stone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hala change her mind and decide to announce the immanent discovery of the antiquities?

2. How did Yeager manage to find that Venator had been at Barnaget Bay in New Jersey?

3. How did the Lady Flamborough escape notice?

4. How did Pitt feel about the push for a location?

5. What does Pitt know the terrorists are aware of?

6. Why can't the President of the United States expose Topiltzin and Yazid?

7. Where is the best location for the scrolls to be if they are to maintain their cohesion and readability? Where is the worst?

8. When is the first time Pitt has been wrong in this book?

9. How does Hala Kamil feel about Julius' visit and what he plans?

10. In what ways did Ismail's inexperience show through?

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