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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What slight flavor was in the brandy?
(a) Cinnamon
(b) Coffee
(c) Chocolate
(d) Whiskey

2. What drink does Parker ask for?
(a) British lager
(b) Mexican tequila
(c) Mexican beer
(d) Scottish malt whiskey

3. Who was responsible for "the Art of Grammar"?
(a) Euclid
(b) Aristophanes
(c) Dionysius
(d) Pliny

4. What does Pitt believe the hijacker of the Lady Flamborough is aware of?
(a) The fact that they can see him via satellite
(b) That he is running out of options
(c) That everyone on the continent is looking for them
(d) That he is desperate

5. What was Hala's first concern for?
(a) The health of Dirk, Lily and Al
(b) Her own health
(c) The health of the President of Egypt
(d) The families of the men who gave their lives for her

6. Which way is the only escape route?
(a) Through the center of town
(b) Through the house
(c) Using Kamil's bodyguards as human shields
(d) The way they came

7. How does Ammar cover for himself not sounding like Captain Collins?
(a) He claims to have gotten a tonsillectomy
(b) He claims to be undergoing a sex change operation
(c) He claims to be under the influence of narcotics
(d) He claims to have the flu

8. What does Nichols ask Martin Brogan for?
(a) Three sets of fingerprints and blood types
(b) A vacation
(c) Two sets of fingerprints and blood types
(d) A raise

9. What are the names of Topiltzin and Yazid's younger brother and sister?
(a) Karl and Maria
(b) Kasey and Michelle
(c) Kevin and Marina
(d) Karl and Marie

10. Which artist does Pitt create a comparison for when he suggests how the Lady disappeared for the second time?
(a) Michaelangelo
(b) Da Vinci
(c) Christo
(d) Turner

11. Parchment was made from?
(a) Plant stems
(b) Cotton Fibers
(c) Human skin
(d) Animal skins

12. Who got the blame every time an assassination or terrorist plot was uncovered?
(a) MIA
(b) The CIA
(c) FSB
(d) KGB

13. How many square kilometers had been scoured in the search for the Lady?
(a) Five hundred thousand kilometers
(b) Three hundred thousand kilometers
(c) Four hundred thousand
(d) Two hundred kilometers

14. Who and what ended up saving the Special Forces and the majority of the hostages?
(a) Captain Stewart of the NUMA ship Flounder
(b) Captain Stewart of the NUMA ship Sounder
(c) Captain Stevens of the NUMA ship Sounder
(d) Captain Collins of the Liner, the Lady Flamborough

15. Papyrus was made using?
(a) Plant stems
(b) Human skin
(c) Cotton fiber
(d) Animal skins

Short Answer Questions

1. Who can Giordino sympathize with?

2. What song does Pitt ask the piano player to play?

3. What is bothering President Hasan physically?

4. Who was Clayton Findley?

5. What did Yazid do?

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