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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had the Serapis landed and taken on a ballast stone?
(a) Barnaby Bay, Maine
(b) Barnacle Bay, Newfoundland
(c) Barnaget Bay, New Jersey
(d) Burnaby Bay, Vancouver

2. Who is reputed to be the brains behind the Capesterre family?
(a) Josephine
(b) Roland
(c) Paul
(d) Robert

3. What speed was the Mercedes capable of?
(a) 220 km/h
(b) 220 mp/h
(c) 180 mph
(d) 240 km/h

4. Where does Pitt believe that Venator may have gone?
(a) Russia
(b) South America
(c) Africa
(d) America

5. Who got the blame every time an assassination or terrorist plot was uncovered?
(a) The CIA
(b) MIA
(c) FSB
(d) KGB

6. Who was the only one at the table that Ammar truly respected?
(a) Mussa Terodin
(b) Tussa Mehodin
(c) Mussa Merhodin
(d) Mussa Moheidin

7. What does Nichols ask Martin Brogan for?
(a) Two sets of fingerprints and blood types
(b) Three sets of fingerprints and blood types
(c) A vacation
(d) A raise

8. What didn't Ammar do that aggravated Collins?
(a) Smashed into a boat without warning it
(b) He was putting everyone's lives in jeopardy
(c) He threatened to destroy the yacht
(d) He killed a female crew member

9. What was the look on the face of the Arab that tried to lob the grenade through the window?
(a) Grim determination as it went through
(b) Joy as it went through
(c) Horror as it bounced back
(d) Fear as it bounced back

10. What does Rudy say in regards to Dirk?
(a) He's a good man
(b) He'll outlive them all
(c) Only the good die young, Dirk'll live forever
(d) He'll die with honor

11. What two words best describe the booklet handed out to the crowd?
(a) Textural instructions
(b) Detailed instructions
(c) Clear instructions
(d) Pictoral instructions

12. What did Topiltzin hand out to the crowd?
(a) Money and information booklets
(b) Clothes and information booklets
(c) Food and information booklets
(d) Guns and information booklets

13. What message does the President want delivered to Hassan?
(a) That the Americans will co-operate if he would like Yazid removed
(b) That Yazid should be executed
(c) That Yazid is a horrible man
(d) That he is the supported candidate by the Americans

14. Which artist does Pitt create a comparison for when he suggests how the Lady disappeared for the second time?
(a) Turner
(b) Da Vinci
(c) Michaelangelo
(d) Christo

15. What delayed Dillinger?
(a) He slipped and shattered his ankle
(b) He fell in a crevasse
(c) He discovered the charges laid by Ammar
(d) He was killed by Ammar

Short Answer Questions

1. How long will it take to get information on Yazid's background?

2. What is the name of the ship that Dirk is going to take control of?

3. What slip-up does Ammar do that he doesn't know he did?

4. Who did the crew of the Lady Flamborough think was about to come aboard and inspect the ship?

5. Who was responsible for "the Art of Grammar"?

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