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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long did Dirk say that it would take to find the Lady Flamborough?
(a) Ten hours
(b) Twenty hours
(c) Thirty hours
(d) Fifteen hours

2. What didn't Ammar do that aggravated Collins?
(a) He was putting everyone's lives in jeopardy
(b) He threatened to destroy the yacht
(c) Smashed into a boat without warning it
(d) He killed a female crew member

3. How has Allah blessed Ammar?
(a) By making sure things have run smooth
(b) By ensuring the co-operation of everyone on board and otherwise
(c) By sending him Hala Kamil
(d) By ensuring their disguises haven't slipped

4. Who can Giordino sympathize with?
(a) King Edward at the Second at the Battle of Belfast
(b) Davy Crockett at the Alamo
(c) David Locket at the Alamo
(d) A king when his castle is under siege

5. What was the look on the face of the Arab that tried to lob the grenade through the window?
(a) Fear as it bounced back
(b) Joy as it went through
(c) Horror as it bounced back
(d) Grim determination as it went through

6. How many square kilometers had been scoured in the search for the Lady?
(a) Two hundred kilometers
(b) Three hundred thousand kilometers
(c) Five hundred thousand kilometers
(d) Four hundred thousand

7. Where did the Capesterre family sell its marijuana?
(a) Europe and the Far East
(b) Mexico and Egypt
(c) Canada and the USA
(d) China and India

8. What is under the seat of the Cord?
(a) A socket wrench
(b) A magnum
(c) A Smith and Wesson
(d) A liter of oil

9. Who was the only one at the table that Ammar truly respected?
(a) Mussa Terodin
(b) Mussa Merhodin
(c) Tussa Mehodin
(d) Mussa Moheidin

10. Who arrived from Langley?
(a) Keith Farquar
(b) Kevin Marquar
(c) Keith Marquar
(d) Kerry Farquar

11. What threat is made to silence some of the crew?
(a) That they will torture and kill a female crew member unless they get co-operation
(b) That they will torture and kill one President each guard
(c) That they will use the crew's bodies as fish food
(d) That they will torture Hala Kamil

12. What two words best describe the booklet handed out to the crowd?
(a) Textural instructions
(b) Clear instructions
(c) Detailed instructions
(d) Pictoral instructions

13. Who was responsible for "the Art of Grammar"?
(a) Dionysius
(b) Euclid
(c) Pliny
(d) Aristophanes

14. How many plans did Pitt come up with?
(a) Four
(b) Six
(c) Five
(d) Three

15. What happened to the woman in the water?
(a) She was eaten by a shark
(b) She was disoriented and swam down instead of up
(c) She was rescued
(d) She drowned

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Pitt's part of the mission?

2. What was the name on the ship?

3. What is revealed in this chapter about Topiltzin and Yazid?

4. What did Yazid do?

5. How long did it take them to store the cargo?

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