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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ammar's wealth estimated at?
(a) Seventy million dollars
(b) Sixty million dollars
(c) Over a billion dollars
(d) Seventy five million dollars

2. Where was the Secretary General heading?
(a) Prague
(b) Berlin
(c) St. Petersburg
(d) New York

3. What kind of ship did Lily think the Serapis was?
(a) Byzantine
(b) Greco-Roman
(c) French Polynesian
(d) Gaul

4. What was the Serapis' captain's name?
(a) Artamus Busteris
(b) George Williams
(c) Cuccius Rufinus
(d) Ptolem Cusicus

5. What does the Navy want the CIA to do about the shipwreck?
(a) Give the archaeologists more time to find out the information
(b) Grant Dirk Pitt additional time to excavate
(c) All of these
(d) Claim that it was what the Polar Explorer was looking for

6. What does the President want from Nichols?
(a) News of Guy Rivas
(b) Information regarding Akhmad Yazid
(c) Information regarding Topiltzin
(d) Information regarding Hala Kamil

7. What kind of wine is in the basket?
(a) Principessa Gavi
(b) Cabernet Sauvignon
(c) Port
(d) Pinot Noir

8. What symbol was on the altar?
(a) A skull
(b) A skeleton
(c) Crossbones
(d) A skull and crossbones

9. What crashed the snowmobile Lily and Gronquist were on?
(a) They hit a piece of the plane's wing
(b) They nearly hit an engine
(c) They nearly hit a piece of the plane's wing
(d) They hit a furrow in the ice created by the plane

10. Who was missing from the rising of the ship?
(a) Lily and Gronquist
(b) Pitt and Lily
(c) Kamil and the President
(d) Senator Pitt and the President

11. What was Dale Nichols clipping from papers?
(a) Articles regarding Aztec principles and beliefs
(b) Articles about foreign powers in Egypt
(c) Articles about the discoveries of the Arctic Explorer
(d) Articles on Topiltzin

12. What did Lily find that was such a rare discovery?
(a) Silver wire
(b) A map
(c) A gold coin
(d) A gold figurine

13. What is preventing Yazid's ascent to power?
(a) The Egyptian President
(b) Hala Kamil
(c) The US government official, Nichols
(d) The US President

14. Who did Pitt see through the window?
(a) His wife
(b) Gronquist
(c) Lily
(d) Kamil

15. What was the nerve agent used by "Lemke"?
(a) Tonin
(b) Tarin
(c) Sarin
(d) Slarin

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was plotting to kill Kamil?

2. Approximately how many books were in the library alone in Alexandria?

3. What had Venator become?

4. What happened to Rivas?

5. How does Topiltzin plan to ensure that the southern USA relinquishes its hold on their states?

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