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Greenland's fjord

This is where Dirk and Lily met.

South Island

This is where the people who consult with the political heads discuss things over poker on a yacht.


This is where Guy Rivas is sacrificed and flayed.

The Lady Flamborough

This is the ship that hosts both the Mexican and Egyptian Presidents among other VIP's.

Punta Arenas

This is where Dirk meets with the Special Forces operatives to discuss the rescue of the VIP yacht.

Southern Chile

This is where the yacht that hosted the VIP delegates is recaptured by the Special Forces team.


This is where the treasures of the Alexandria Library are rumored to be.


This is a resort in which the Pitts own a villa and where Dirk goes to meet with a leading authority on the library.

The Polar Explorer

This is the ship that was used to locate the...

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